Welcome to Born&Borner

Born&Borner provides comprehensive advice and end to end project management to financial services institutions in audit, risk, compliance and regulatory subject matters.

We specialise in leading organisations to economically sustainable regulatory compliance through 7 services:

Our Service Offering:

  1. Regulatory Change Management
  2. Audit Facilitation
  3. Cross Border Advisory
  4. Comprehensive Risk Reviews
  5. Risk Diligence
  6. Transformation Management
  7. Interim Management

Our Experience

We have the expertise and experience to implement and navigate through regulatory change.
We have led substantial transformation projects in large global financial institutions and consultancies.
We have successfully facilitated major audits in the financial services industry.
We have worked in various senior lead and management roles in cross border compliance, internal audit and risk & compliance.

Our Foundation

Our goal is to leave our clients strong and fit for the future.
Our belief is that only customized and integrative risk management can be effective.
Our expertise is solid in theory and practice
Our approach is goal orientated, lean, pragmatic and sustainable.

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